Nanohydration is the basis for our company – we strive for the best cutting edge skin care. Our nanocellulose fibers are formed from trees and plants. This material holds large amounts of moisture and delivers intense hydration directly to your skin.

All Natural Nano

Derived from trees, our nanocellulose is an all natural material. Cellulose is used daily in not only practical applications like paper, but also has many uses in healthcare. We take that same cellulose a little further to expand its potential.

25x Its Weight in Water

NanoHydration isn’t just a cool sounding term – its a description of the extreme amount of water our cellulose sheets can hold. Cellullose loves water. Its one of the many reasons plants grow so well! We use this inherent property to deliver moisture to the skin. Your skin needs moisture to stay healthy -NanoHydration does this more effectively than any other product.

Super Cooling Effect

The extreme surface area of our nanocellulose masks has several unique characteristics. One of these is an extreme cooling sensation. As the mask transfers moisture into your skin, it cools your skin. Much like placing a cold towel on your face.

Holds and Delivers

Much like it does with water, our masks can hold other key ingredients and once applied to skin, transfer these deep into your skin and provide maximum results.

Anti-Aging | Hydrating | Relaxing

1000 Times Smaller Than the Width of Your Hair

The average length of one of our fibers is one thousand times smaller than the width of a human hair. These tiny fibers hold moisture and actives extremely well and, because of their size, can deliver these actives more effectively into your skin for maximum benefit.

What is Nanocellulose?

As the name implies, it is cellulose that is nano-sized. Cellulose is what makes up all the plants around us – making it the most abundant organic material on Earth.

Discover the Fountain of Youth with DeLeon Cosmetics’ NanoHydration. We provide the most advanced skin care products available.